Unique Jobs in Each Engineering Discipline

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4 min readJan 23, 2024


Hey everyone! We’re back with another fun blog where I’m highlighting unique jobs in each engineering discipline. If you are passionate about your field, but you’re not entirely sure where to end up, there are plenty of different options! Not every engineer has to have a “typical” engineering job and there are lots of options within each discipline.

Aerospace/Aviation Engineering: Misson/Payload Specialist

When I think about aerospace engineers, I think of those who design, create, and test planes and rockets. However, you can go to space with an engineering degree! In fact, two-thirds of active astronauts have an engineering background. A payload specialist is someone who is an expert on the ship itself and helps to conduct experiments in space. They are key people in space exploration and expanding the world’s knowledge of space discovery.

Biomedical Engineering: Bioinformatics Analyst

Biomedical engineers are typically the researchers and designers behind modern medicinal technology. A job that works with real patient data in biomedical engineering is a bioinformatics analyst. Being able to study different cells and molecules, bioinformatics analysts typically research the pathology of diseases. This can help with developing experiments and finding cures for diseases.

Chemical Engineering: Color Technologist

Another route to take as a chemical engineer is a color technologist. Within the manufacturing industry, they produce colors. Because of their background in chemical engineering, they have a unique understanding of dyes and pigments and how they could react with different substances. Color technologists also are responsible for how colors are applied to commercial goods, like food, paper, and machinery.

Civil Engineering: Space Civil Engineer

Did you know that civil engineers are needed when going to space? Civil engineers have broad training in different fields, such as structures, planning, technology, and more. Civil engineers help with designing aircraft components, habitats for astronauts in space, various experiments, and more. This is an emerging field that is constantly evolving, but the perfect job for a civil engineer who loves space.

Computer Science and Engineering: Computer Forensic Examiner

Computer Forensic Examiners are essentially professional hackers, as their job is to help retrieve information from computers and other technology. They investigate cybercrimes to find digital evidence for criminal cases. Their jobs exist within law enforcement and other private firms. This is a great role for any computer science major who has a great passion for Criminal Minds.

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Acoustic Engineer

I may be a little biased as an electrical engineering student interested in audio, but acoustics is such a niche and interesting area of electrical engineering! Acoustical engineers work in a variety of spaces from working with sound effects in technology like speakers and headphones to working in unique architectural spaces.

Environmental Engineering: Disaster Recovery Engineer

Honestly, it was difficult to decide on one specific role because every single role in environmental engineering directly benefits the Earth, climate, and society as a whole. Disaster Recovery Engineers can be applied to multiple different disciplines, but environmental engineers mainly help with bringing the ecology back and clean water. So much happens to a community with a natural disaster, and disaster recovery engineers are a vital part of making that community strong again.

Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering: Space Food Engineer

So far, three of these unique jobs involve space, but that’s because (in my opinion) space is cool. And what else is cooler than a food engineer who helps create food for astronauts? Figuring out how to dehydrate the food so it can hold up in space and be nutritious and delicious for astronauts is quite the task. With astronauts spending years in space, they must get a variety of food and are well-fed to do their daily tasks as well.

Industrial and Systems Engineering: Disney Engineer (Imagineer)

The happiest place on Earth has an abundance of attendees every year, and the parks require engineers to ensure that everyone has a good time. This is where industrial and systems engineers come into play, and they help maintain the flow and operations within the parks. The engineers also get to show their creative side in design and development processes.

Materials Science and Engineering: Textile Engineer

Textile engineers help develop and create the fabrics and products we wear and use every day. As a society, we are working to be more sustainable, and sustainably sourcing our clothes and products is a good first step. Textile engineers can contribute to sustainable apparel by reusing fabric waste and sourcing products from a sustainable place. Then, the engineers help create fabrics that are in our everyday clothing and products.

Mechanical Engineering: Racecar Engineer

As professional Formula One racing becomes more popular, its technology continues to advance. Mechanical engineers can use their knowledge of vehicles, fluid mechanics, and more when helping to design and develop race cars. The mechanics and technology the engineers create help to make cars even faster, break records, and make professional racing even more interesting and exciting.

Welding Engineering: Underwater Welding Engineer

Welding engineering is cool within itself, but knowing that it can be done underwater is mindblowing. Underwater welding engineers help to repair pipelines, sub-sea habitats, nuclear power facilities, and more. Underwater welding can be extremely dangerous, but it is a necessary field in today’s society and so beneficial to many aspects of our daily lives, whether we realize it or not.

I hope you enjoyed reading about your major and others, and hopefully, you learned something new. There are plenty of different career paths within each engineering discipline. Your opportunities are truly endless!




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