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6 min readSep 13, 2023


We had some busy Buckeyes this summer! Let’s feature some of our members and what they were up to this summer, professional-wise and for fun!

Ellie Spiewak


Ellie is a 3rd year Biological Engineering major, and this summer she interned at Kellogg’s as a Salty Snacks Process Engineering Intern in Battle Creek, Michigan. Her favorite part of the internship was being able to work on well-known products and truly make an impact on environmental goals! She was able to explore western Michigan, and visited local bookstores, went out on the lake, saw P!nk, and went rock climbing with her fellow interns. She also went to Disney with some SWEsters, got to be Tony the Tiger, and ate a LOT of snacks!

Gabie Gilmore


Gabie is a 2nd year Environmental Engineering major. This summer, she started a Book-stagram (@read_with_geg) and met Ali Hazelwood, who is the author of The Steminist novellas Love on The Brain and The Love Hypothesis.

Lydia Dunkle


Lydia is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering major, and her work experience this summer was interning at the same company her dad works at, Eureka! Ranch, in Cincinnati, OH. She was an Innovation Engineering intern, and learned a lot about producing meaningful and unique innovations that will make a difference in the world. She also went to a bunch of her favorite artist’s concerts, like Noah Kahan and Taylor Swift, and took a weekend trip to Red River Gorge with some of her friends to camp and go hiking!

Jessica Stiene


Jessica is a 5th year Materials Science and Engineering major, and her work experience this summer was interning at Boeing in Seattle, Washington. She worked as a Composites Fabrication Engineer, and her favorite part was getting to see the Dreamlifter. Her best memory from the summer is going skydiving!

Ally Lewis


Ally Lewis is a 2nd year Food Engineering major and her work experience this summer was doing research in a Food Engineering lab at The Ohio State University. Her favorite parts were learning about corn meal and how to make protein bars! Ally also visited Mt. Rainier National Park and Michigan, saw Taylor Swift in concert, and learned how to cook!

Evie Price


Evie is a 4th year Chemical Engineering major, and her summer work experience was at Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati, OH. She worked as a R&D Upstream and Current Powders intern, and loved the experience. Evie said she loved her manager, and learning all about the different technologies within powder detergents! She also worked with a team based out of Newcastle, England, which she deemed as super cool! Evie also caught up on two classes over the summer, Engineering Ethics and Spanish Mosaic, which was the last class she needed for her Spanish minor!

Rachel Varughese


Rachel is a 4th year Chemical Engineering major, and she worked with GE Aerospace this summer as a CMC Raw Materials Engineer in Cincinnati, OH. In her role, she learned how GE manufactures Ceramic Matrix Composites used for jet engine parts. She also learned the fun fact that Thomas Edison was one of the founders of GE! Rachel also traveled a lot over the summer, from hiking up Mount Rainier in Seattle, walking on the Gatlinburg Skybridge in Tennessee, to seeing the Olympic Rings in Vancouver. She also went to the Taylor Swift concert in Cincinnati!

Abby Pollauf


Abby is a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering major, and she worked with Collins Aerospace this summer as a Quality Intern in Wilson, North Carolina! She was able to take trips to the ocean too, and met some of her favorite people! Abby was also able to take trips to Wilmington and Sunset Beach, learned how to crochet, rediscovered her love for the Wii, and saw 6 movies at her new favorite theater!

Ella Rudkin


Ella is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major, and she worked at Cedar Fair Entertainment Company as a Seasonal Ride Mechanic/Technician. She bragged that she was able to see the sunrise from 200ft in the air almost every morning. She often worked the graveyard shift after the park closed, and inspected the roller coasters while completing daily assignments. She also was able to meet some awesome new people through this experience!

Nicole Lippucci


Nicole is a 4th year Chemical Engineering, and she worked at Sherwin-Williams in Dallas, Texas at their manufacturing plant. This was her 3rd rotation, and her main responsibilities were working on capital projects to improve safety and efficiency at the site. She loved getting to learn about the different processes and reactor groups at the plant! Nicole was also able to explore Dallas with her friends and co-workers, which included going to country concerts, rodeos, and farmers markets. She also got to visit other SWE members in Houston, and vacationed with her family in Destin, Florida. Lastly, she also got to go see Taylor Swift in concert!

Nicola Glanvill


Nicola is a 3rd year Materials Science and Engineering major, and she worked at Worthington Industries as a Corporate Materials Lab intern. HEr favorite part was getting to use the Scanning electron Microscope (SEM)! She also got lots of hands-on experience with preparing samples and using microscopes. Nicole also traveled to England this summer to visit her aunt and her grandparents, and took a day trip down to Cincinnati with some of her friends to visit their friend there!

Sammy Stenger


Sammy is a 4th year Computer Science and Engineering major, and she worked at WillowTree as a Software Engineering Intern in Durham, North Carolina. Her favorite part was making friends with the amazing people there! In Durham, Sammy did a lot of exploring and hiking, learned how to make android apps, pet a lot of cats, learned how to crochet, and towed her car back with a u-haul 😎.

With much love,

Lydia ❤



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